Trust Changers with Shaley Paige
Trust Changers with Shaley Paige


Gradually build skills without overwhelm
(in a fun atmosphere that's always focused on creativity and engagement)

Confidence Building Is #1

Interviews with experts keep you updated with cutting edge innovation (bitcoin, artificial intelligence, smart cities, etc.) and what we call the "Trust Changers"—a core set of digital life skills that build confidence and stand the test of time. Our mission is to empower people by increasing trust online (in yourself, in others, and in technology). 

Tech Savvy Not Required

Join getting started challenges to quickly get up to speed on computers, writing, design, and other 21st century requirements. Simple tools, step-by-step instructions, and a focus on the essentials makes practicing new skills fun. Topics include things like video meeting mastery, HTML and CSS for non-coders, hard target cybersecurity skills, tough love website self evaluations, cutting the online clutter, and much more. 

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Don't Wait to Future Proof Your Career

Tech changes fast! McKinsey Global Institute estimates that 800 million global jobs will be replaced with robotic automation by 2030, and the Coronavirus has significantly increased the pace of this transition. To remain relevant, you must develop skills that machines can't easily replicate. These are the Trust Changers—the collaborations, communications, creativity, critical thinking, content management, and cybersecurity skills that stand the test of time.


  • Negotiations and constructive dialogue
  • Project coordination and management
  • Netiquette (online manners)
  • Positive social contribution
  • Team and leadership dynamics
  • Collaborative technologies
  • Cultivating relationships
  • Sharing victories and praise


  • Understanding your audience
  • Communications channel selection
  • Writing and organizing content
  • Design and color essentials
  • Image selection and customization
  • Creating and conducting presentations
  • Infographics and data presentation
  • Integrating a variety of video
  • Inclusiveness and accessibility (CC)


  • Growth and exploration mindset
  • Problem solving
  • Ideation and adaptability
  • Design thinking and rapid iteration 
  • Crowdsourcing ideas and actions (surveys, focus groups, etc.)
  • Expanding software/app value
  • Turning limitations into strengths
  • Finding inspiration in unrelated industries

Critical Thinking

  • Self awareness and emotional intelligence
  • Strategy, planning, and productivity
  • Challenging assumptions
  • Unbiased research and decision making
  • Remaining objective and impartial
  • Information ethics
  • Searching trusted resources (peer reviewed, etc.)
  • Troubleshooting techniques 

Content Management

  • Selecting, organizing, and presenting information
  • Defining information standards
  • Content development process
  • Knowledge sharing and transparency
  • Website architectures (deep vs. shallow)
  • Curation technologies (wikis, databases, etc.)
  • Reusing content to multiply value


  • Protecting data, truth, and trust
  • Cybercrime and fake news awareness
  • Responsibilities of individuals, businesses, government, etc.
  • Separating personal, public, and professional identities
  • Hardening against scam vulnerabilities
  • Data protection laws (GDPR, CAN-SPAM, etc.)

Relevant Topics Make Learning Fun, Productive, and MeaningfulHere Are Some Examples...

youth using zoom

Online Meeting Mastery

Protect meeting privacy, build trust, and make online meetings more inclusive, productive, and fun.

young lady speaking in how-to video, filming on phone

On-Video Confidence 

Bust through your fears and step in front of the camera on recorded video to share your gifts with the world.

login screen on phone


Apply strategies to make yourself a hard target for online scams with easy changes to protect your accounts, identity, and money.

teen girl relaxing

Social Media Detox

Dial down social media to return to a calmer self, reduce unnecessary anxiety, and embrace a life that lights you up.

young woman holding resume

21st Century Job Search

Artificial-intelligence (AI) proof your resume and connect with employers in video interviews, so that you rise to the top of the application stack.
Soccer ball with Trust Changers logo on it

Elite Virtual Team Player

Build your collaboration and communication skills so that you operate online like pro athletes perform on the field.

website design sketch for different size devices

Website Design Wizardry

Design a mobile-friendly website that draws people in, helps people find things, and holds their attention longer.
girl looking at email

Cut the Online Clutter

Organize your files, email, and projects to reduce anxiety and stay focused on the things that matter most.

You are ready for this,
but if you need more convincing... here are some things you might NOT know


You've got this

For most topics, 5% of the skills can get you 95% of the way. Also, you don't need to be techie. You just need help from someone who can teach you a CORE SET OF SKILLS to elevate your career and life. These “Trust Changers” will help you GET THE MOST VALUE for your effort.

It's Never Too Late

MANY people avoid learning new digital skills because they don’t trust their own ability or knowledge. They do the bare minimum to avoid appearing ineffective or incompetent, and they resist learning new, rapidly changing systems because of valid, unaddressed fears. Our goal is to help you build comfort, confidence, and community online without fears of the unknown, information overload, or struggling to learn alone. 

Googling isn't enough

Access to information is important, but it’s not enough. If it were, Google would be the ultimate educational platform, and traditional schools would be a thing of the past. The fact is, you don't need more information… you need CLARITY (context and insight from an expert you trust) and TRANSFORMATION (a way to internalize knowledge so that it becomes a part of who you are).

You’re not alone

We teach you how to find trusted answers online, but you can also post questions in YouTube video comments. We'll answer any common questions via video. Additionally, we are part of the social community on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. This is important, because community and accountability make learning more interesting and engaging.

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Hi! I'm Shaley.

I looooooove technology. Here's my background. 

  • Master’s of Information Management Systems Degree from Harvard University
  • Graphic design and communication degrees from Oregon State University
  • Two decades of design, writing, communications, user experience, and digital course development
  • Certifications in user-experience from Nielsen Norman Group and focus-group facilitation from Burke Institute

harvard university and neilsen norman group and burke institute logos

Hi! I'm your instructor, Shaley.

I looooooove technology. Here's my background. 

  • Master’s of Information Management Systems Degree from Harvard University
  • Graphic design and communication degrees from Oregon State University
  • Two decades of design, writing, digital course development, and marketing for the web
  • Certifications in user-experience from Nielsen Norman Group and focus-group facilitation from Burke Institute

"I truly believe that you don’t need to be the most talented writer, designer, communicator, or collaborator. YOU JUST NEED TO BE THE PERSON WHO PEOPLE TRUST has a core set of competencies that can elevate any project. When you start applying Trust Changers to your work, people will notice. You will be sought out for advice, added to higher-profile assignments, and start gaining a reputation as the go-to person. I know this, because it’s exactly what happened to me." ~Shaley Paige


Homeless to Harvard: 3 Life Hacks for a Better Future

My passion comes from a lifetime of experience. Watch my story in the video below.

Here's What People Say about Working with Me

Ethan Anthony
Founder and CEO, CrankChart

"I met Shaley in a Cloud Security class at Harvard. She proved to be an excellent communicator and team lead. Her ability to keep us organized, in sync, and on task was nothing short of excellent. Even though our team of 5 was geographically distributed, she seamlessly orchestrated both the technology and meetings, which kept us on schedule. Most importantly, she maintained a level of awareness that allowed her to remain empathetic to the challenges of various team members. The skills she’s teaching in Trust Changers were literally the glue that held our team together."

Amber Soranaka
Posh Mom

"I call Shaley for all of my techy questions. She helped me find the right computer and showed me which applications my kids needed for school. I sell clothes online through Posh and have to click on links from strangers. Shaley taught me how to tell if a link is fake, which has saved me more than once from being scammed. She has a master’s degree in IT from Harvard, but helping people learn is her real passion. Her advice keeps me grounded so I don't get caught up in the latest fad or app. This speeds up my work and lets me focus more on my family life."

Marlene Casel
Adjunct Faculty, University of Phoenix

"I've known Shaley for a little over 3 years. In that time, she has continually grown the Trust Changers' concept to be focused on a skillset that anybody can use to improve their online life. Her laser focus, genuine interest in helping others, and love for learning show through in the Trust Changers program. As an educator, I’m inspired by Shaley’s passion to help people continue to grow their abilities. If you are looking for an alternative learning approach that meets your needs, consider choosing Trust Changers. Shaley DeGiorgio, the founder and CEO, is on a mission to help."

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