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Trust Changers Research

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In The Speed of Trust, Stephen Covey outlines a simple formula that demonstrates the value of trust within any organization. When trust is high, work speeds up, and costs go down. And when trust is low, work slows down, and costs go up. Covey’s formula has been adjusted here to include the impact of online communications and collaborations.

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Trust Changers' Story

  • 79% believe Americans have "far too little" or "too little" confidence in each other
  • 70% believe Americans’ low trust in each other makes it harder to solve the country’s problems
  • 64% believe Americans' level of trust in each other has been shrinking
  • 58% believe it is "very important" the level of confidence Americans have in each other be improved
  • 25% believe Americans' level of confidence in each other is a very big problem

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