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Did you receive an invitation?

If Shaley reached out to you, there is no reason to “pitch” your idea. Please respond directly to her with any questions you have or to set up a 10-20 minute zoom call for a brief discussion about opportunities and ideas. 

Pitch Your Idea

Do you have a story about an online experience that you think we should know about? For better or worse, we want to hear the struggles and the joys. To submit your idea, please connect with Shaley DeGiorgio, via LinkedIn or send us a note via our Contact form. Please make sure to tell us if (1) you are volunteering to tell your story on the podcast, or (2) you are just passing along information.

Keep the Pitch Short

Don’t worry about formality, just tell us the story the way you’d tell it to a friend. A bullet list is also fine. Include the following:

  • Your favorite moments
  • Why you think it’s a great story
  • A short description of the conflict
  • Who it happened to
  • How the conflict was resolved
  • If it changed you (or others) in some way—made you see the world differently, etc.

Don’t Wait By the Phone

We will only contact you if your idea works for the Trust Changers podcast. Please know that we definitely will read and consider your submission and that our senior team will look at them. We would like to fill at least 1/3 of our podcasts with personal stories from our listeners, so your submission is important to us.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are the podcasts recorded?

We’re trying to keep things extra simple to encourage guests to join us, so we are currently recording with Zoom.

Do guests need to travel or any special equipment for the recording session?

There is no travel at all. We use Zoom to talk in a video meeting. Guests do need a computer with high-speed Internet, a video cam, and a quiet place to sit while we record. If the computer audio is poor or the surrounding area is noisy, then a headset microphone/speaker will also be required. A few weeks prior to the podcast conversation, we meet with guests for a 10-20 minute zoom session to test equipment. We troubleshoot any issues then.

How do I get the FREE Trust Changers podcast?

The podcasts aren’t published yet, but they will be soon. As soon as they are ready, we’ll make them available on podcast apps and here on our website. If you want to be notified when they are available, please sign up for updates.

Are transcripts available?

Yes! Each podcast episode has show notes that include a full written transcript and a short list of important links, Trust Changers tips, etc.


Trust Changers' Story

  • 79% believe Americans have "far too little" or "too little" confidence in each other
  • 70% believe Americans’ low trust in each other makes it harder to solve the country’s problems
  • 64% believe Americans' level of trust in each other has been shrinking
  • 58% believe it is "very important" the level of confidence Americans have in each other be improved
  • 25% believe Americans' level of confidence in each other is a very big problem

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