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Join the Fall 2019 Online Leadership Course Pilot 

Training and engagement to foster high-trust online environments.

Does your organization keep throwing new collaborative technologies at old problems, with the hopes that people will be more productive? If you could improve online engagement, speed up work, and reduce operations/technology costs, how would that impact its effectiveness?

What if this could be achieved by investing in people (would you win points for employer/employee relations)? And what if by doing so, this effort could change culture to build trust online and add value to any collaborative technology, across the entire organization?

Hi, I’m Shaley. I’m wrapping up my Master of Information Management Systems degree at Harvard this semester and launching a new Trust Changers business pilot at the same time. There is limited space, and we are looking for 24 organizations with our shared commitment to improving people’s lives and solving world problems.

First, a little about the business. There are many reasons why people struggle to collaborate online, but disfunction in organizations is commonly linked to risk aversion caused by a lack of trust.*

Put simply, when trust is low and people are struggling with online communications and collaborations, the results are that work takes longer than planned and operations costs go up.

Trust Changers’ mission is to turn this around. We want to build trust, improve online communications and collaborations, speed up work, and reduce operational/technology costs.*

But I don’t expect you to take my word for it. Instead, my team has put together some valuable resources, based on research, to share with you over the next few weeks to help you get to know us, and hopefully get you excited about participating in the pilot taking place October 22 – December 11.

Coming in the next few weeks (available now – click the links):

We will post links to each of the resources here, as soon as they are ready. But if you’re serious about helping your organization transform how people relate and work together online, sign up for Trust Changers updates to be sure you don’t miss out. 

There’s much more on the horizon! 

Nice to meet you.

Shaley DeGiorgio

CEO, Trust Changers

*Based on research. See resources.

Trust Changers' Story

  • 79% believe Americans have "far too little" or "too little" confidence in each other
  • 70% believe Americans’ low trust in each other makes it harder to solve the country’s problems
  • 64% believe Americans' level of trust in each other has been shrinking
  • 58% believe it is "very important" the level of confidence Americans have in each other be improved
  • 25% believe Americans' level of confidence in each other is a very big problem

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