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Join the Fall 2019 Online Leadership Course Pilot 

Reserve Your Spot for the Online Leadership Pilot Information Presentation (Zoom Webinar)

The presentation will be about 45 minutes, followed by a Q&A. Shaley DeGiorgio, CEO of Trust Changers, will be presenting live, via Zoom. It should be lots of fun. We’re making it interactive and packing in value, so that even if you don’t join us for the pilot, you should enjoy yourself.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how Trust Changers training and engagement can foster a high-trust online environment.

What We’ll Cover

  • Things We Feel but Rarely Discuss about Trust Online
  • The Exponential-Growth Advantage of Building Trust Online
  • A Rarely Realized Fact about Trust
  • The Easiest Approach to Build Trust Online
  • How to Participate in the Pilot
  • Q&A

Fall 2019 Pilot Details

Our goal at Trust Changers is to build trust, improve online communications and collaborations, speed up work, and reduce operational/technology costs. We do that by providing employee training and engagement to foster high-trust online environments.

What is the Pilot?

Attendees will participate in an 8-week Trust Changers Online Leadership course. Weekly topics include:

  1. Trust mindset
  2. Netiquette
  3. Legitimacy, privacy, and security
  4. Virtual teamwork
  5. Productivity practices
  6. Content organization and presentation
  7. Personal brand/reputation
  8. Creating rich online experiences

Who Should Attend?

Anyone with an interest in collaborating and communicating better online is encouraged to attend. Leadership (managers, directors, etc.) or communicators and project managers who are passionate about creating a high-trust, highly engaged online environment are ideal. People who may like to become an Online Community Manager (course coming in 2020) are also a great fit. See what Online Community Managers do.

When Will the Pilot Take Place?

This is an 8-week course. Attendees will meet online via Zoom for one 2-hour class per week. Course options include:

OPTION 1: Every Tuesday, 10am – 12pm PST, beginning October 29 – December 17

OPTION 2: Every Wednesday, 10am – 12pm PST, beginning October 30 – December 18

OPTION 3: Every Thursday, 10am – 12pm PST, beginning October 31 – December 19

Links to sign up will be provided after the Information Presentation (via Zoom). Register to save your space.

Is There a Cost to Participate?

Attendees will receive 50% off the $798 course ($399 per person). This is our lowest-ever price, as a thank you to founding members for helping to successfully launch Trust Changers.

Founding Organization Bonus: Additionally, when 2 or more attendees from the same organization complete the full pilot course, as a special bonus, sponsor organizations will lock in the 50% discount for all future procured services. This discount remains with the organization, even if the founding-member (pilot attendee) leaves employment (founding members always retain their Online Leadership certifications). The 50% founding-organization discount applies to the:

  • Online Leadership course
  • Community Manager course
  • Certified Organization subscription
  • Any new course releases

See service information, below.

How Do I Sign Up?

Links to sign up will be provided after the Information Presentation (via Zoom). Register to save your space.


Fostering online culture and community are key to Trust Changers’ success. All training takes place via videoconferencing, with intimate groups of 12 people, to simultaneously help attendees practice video skills while building a network of Trust Changers certified colleagues.



FREE  |  Open to the public

In the Trust Changers podcast, founder and CEO, Shaley DeGiorgio talks with experts and individuals about how the Internet is shaping our lives and what we can do to build confidence online. Trust Changers critical thinking, communicating, and collaborating tips are shared in every episode.


$798  |  Open to the public

Online Leadership course content is designed to be fun, relatable, and actionable. It empowers attendees with online skills for critical thinking, communicating, and collaborating. 16 hours of training and 2–4 hours of optional accountability-partner work spread over 8 weeks allows for real-world application of skills and group discussion (about successes, challenges, etc.) to reinforce learning. Topics covered include (1) Trust Changers mindset for online communications and collaborations, (2) netiquette, (3) legitimacy, privacy, and security, (4) virtual teamwork, (5) productivity practices, (6) content organization and presentation, (7) personal brand/reputation, and (8) creating rich online experiences.



Individual Course Fee  – Request Information  |  For graduates of the Online Leadership course who want to teach in their organization 

Community Manager course content is designed to help customize the Online Leadership curriculum to fit an organization’s needs. Attendees learn how to teach the curriculum, position themselves as influencers, build online engagement, foster trust, and align organization-wide technology-use expectations. Community-manager preparation includes 12 hours of training spread over 3 days, with 8–12 hours of independent work.

Certified Community Managers are key organizational partners. Whenever possible, they should teach Online Leadership skills within sponsor organizations. By design, this (1) quickly spreads the full skillset across as many people as possible and (2) nurtures a culture of trust between community managers and all levels of the organization. Multiple community managers can exist within an organization—in fact, it’s encouraged!

AS A BONUS, community managers are invited to share stories on the Trust Changers podcast, thereby bringing attention to an organization’s dedication to a high-trust environment.



Annual Subscription Fee – Request Information  |  For Organizations with certified Community Managers  

The Certified Organization subscription provides grassroots engagement activities to inspire viral adoption of Trust Changers skills and continue to grow collaborative-technology value over time. Community Manager (CM) resources in the subscription include:

  • Exclusive CM access to supplemental online-community training and engagement materials
  • Quarterly inter-organization CM Q&A sessions with a Trust Changers coach
  • Access to a private inter-organization CM Facebook group
  • First access for new CM online-skill courses: Becoming a Brand Ambassador, Advising & Engaging Leadership, Supporting Disaster Recovery, and more
  • 20% discount on all CM courses

Trust Changers' Story

  • 79% believe Americans have "far too little" or "too little" confidence in each other
  • 70% believe Americans’ low trust in each other makes it harder to solve the country’s problems
  • 64% believe Americans' level of trust in each other has been shrinking
  • 58% believe it is "very important" the level of confidence Americans have in each other be improved
  • 25% believe Americans' level of confidence in each other is a very big problem

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