What if your team trained to operate online like elite sports teams operate on the field?

The Online-Collaboration Struggle Is Real 

Do you keep trying to integrate new collaborative technologies into teamwork, with the hopes that your team will be more productive?

If your team could speed up work and reduce operations costs, how would that impact your company’s bottom line?

As it stands, does everyone tend to use collaborative tools differently? Do they argue about “what works best,” and frequently drag projects, documentation, and other work from tool to tool?

When this is the case, teams often feel disheartened and struggle with trust. A team with low trust will rarely get the most value out of online tools, regardless of how amazing the tools may be.

Signs that your team could use a High-Performance Virtual-Team Boot Camp:

  • People do the bare minimum with collaborative applications to avoid appearing ineffective or incompetent.
  • They dismiss technologies that support work-life balance, because of personal insecurities or flex-work politics.
  • Or they abstain from learning new, rapidly-changing systems because of valid, unaddressed fears.

Give Your Team the Support It Deserves

We wouldn’t expect professional athletes to be effective without training and strategy. In addition to the latest technology, they have access to coaches, nutritionists, trainers, videographers, psychiatrists, and more.

Sports teams learn and practice common behaviors, skills, and processes so they can operate like finely tuned machines. Everything is structured to guarantee maximum performance. Generous guidance and mentorship are provided for teams of 2 to 15 players.

Ask yourself… what would happen if YOUR TEAM trained to work together this way?

8 Boot-Camp Benefits

Benefit 1: With Trust Changers, it doesn’t matter whether a team works online together part time or full time. Colleagues suffering from low trust and poor collaborative-technology use can change their trajectory to become more comfortable and effective using online tools as a team.

Benefit 2: As the team builds trust and improves online communications and collaborations, work will speed up and operational overhead will go down. Adapted from The Speed of Trust, by Steven Covey

Benefit 3: Structured training provides all team members with common foundational skills and expectations for critical thinking, communicating, and collaborating online.

Benefit 4: Training via videoconferencing helps team members build a habit of reducing travel and work interruptions by practicing online collaborations with people whether they are in the next office, next building, or 6,000 miles away.

Benefit 5: Building common skills helps the team promote feelings of inclusion, democracy, and trust.

Benefit 6: Aligning collaborative-technology workflows means reduced unintended duplication and less stressed employees.

Benefit 7: Dedication to developing a high-trust team fast tracks flexibility, agility, and innovation.

Benefit 8: Practice with online tools for communications and collaborations helps team members stay competitive and makes flex work a breeze.

BONUS! The more Trust Changers skills are consistently applied by all team members, the more trust will be created overall—with noticeable impact online and offline.

Schedule a High-Performance Virtual Team Boot Camp 

  • All Boot Camp training takes place via Zoom videoconferencing, with intimate groups of 6-20 people. This simultaneously helps attendees practice online communication and collaboration skills, while strengthening colleague relationships.
  • Course content is designed to be fun, relatable, and actionable. It empowers attendees to help solve team and organizational challenges.
  • 24 hours of training and 2–4 hours of optional accountability-partner work spread over 8 weeks allows for real-world application of skills and group discussion (about successes, challenges, etc.) to reinforce learning.

Topics covered during the training include:

WEEK 1: Trust mindset – Choosing behaviors that actively increase trust online

WEEK 2Language that connects us – Increasing honesty and trust through constructive dialogue

WEEK 3: Netiquette – Using good manners in online communications and collaborations

WEEK 4: Legitimacy, privacy, and security – Keeping accounts, systems, and networks safe

WEEK 5: Virtual teamwork – Leveraging collaborative applications to increase team productivity and innovation

WEEK 6: Content organization and presentation – Standardizing online-documentation styles and content-management methodologies

WEEK 7: Personal brand/reputation – Taking personal inventory to always protect integrity and act as a community builder

WEEK 8: Creating rich online experiences – Selecting media to optimize user experience when collaborating and communicating online

A-la-carte Sessions Are Available

Sign your team up for the full 8-week interactive online course, OR arrange a-la-carte sessions to focus on any of the 8 topics your team needs most.

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