Hi, I’m Shaley.

Trust Changers was inspired in 2010, when after 5 years of exemplary service at Cornell University, in Ithaca New York, I negotiated a contract to work from home—in Honolulu, Hawaii.

In order to feel confident working 100% online, I made it my mission to develop processes, skills, and behaviors that ensured my colleagues always would trust I could seamlessly work with them, regardless of whether I was in the same office or on a tiny island—6,000 miles away.

Despite everyone’s doubts that my long-distance venture would last 6 months (the original agreed-upon timeframe), I continued to thrive until choosing to move on, a full 7 years later.

People who worked with me attributed my success to personal talent and dedication, but I always knew it was something more. The critical thinking, communicating, and collaborating skills I refined during this time can be taught.

  • The Trust Changers Membership (coming soon) builds core competencies everyone should have to feel confident online. Our "challenge" model makes learning fun and interactive. Members are part of a motivational and supportive online community.
  • The High-Performance Virtual Team Boot Camp teaches groups how to align objectives and build trust while improving online communications and collaborations.

The company got its name because the Internet was supposed to be a revolutionary tool that would bring us all together, yet many people struggle with trust when they are online. Individuals and teams who want to realize the most benefit from modern tools have to invest in learning and applying significant Trust Changersto focus on building confidence and community online.

The logo serves as a reminder that, like fire, technology has the power to change humanity. A hand-written font with wide kerning (space between the letters) signifies a focus on purposeful intentionality to take control of our collective destiny by transforming how we relate to each other and work together online.

Trust Changers—build confidence and community online.®


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