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  • Enhance your brand's reputation.
  • Eliminate doubts about the quality of your work.
  • Stop wasting your time tinkering.

Never Miss a New Course, Live Masterclass, FREE Mini Workshop, or Special Deal

You Want to Change the World

Let's Start by Making Your Dream Website, Podcast Cover, and More a Reality—All the MOST FUN Web Stuff

"Techie" Skills Not Required

We always recommend simple tools and provide step-by-step guides to improve your visual design, copywriting, video, productivity, ideation, and more.

Flexible Learning Options

We offer self-paced courses, LIVE masterclasses, private Facebook groups where you can practice, FREE mini workshops, and one-on-one coaching.

Emphasis on Getting Results

We focus on the essentials (to help you finish your work more easily) and impact (to ensure your work always appears trustworthy, attractive, and functional).

If you have a website, online course, podcast, ebook, or other digital assets meant to showcase your work and build your authority, then I don’t have to tell you that the competition is fierce. And it won't surprise you that people who can afford to hire professional web designers, copywriters, and marketers have a significant advantage.

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Here Are a Few Things You Might NOT Know

For most topics, 5% of the skills can get you 95% of the way

You don't need to be the best designer, writer, or marketer. You just need a core set of competencies that can elevate any project while saving you time and sanity. These “Trust Changers” are systems, strategies, and skills that will help you GET THE MOST VALUE for your effort. 

Googling isn't enough

Access to information is important, but it’s not enough. If it were, Google would be the ultimate educational platform, and everyone using it would be a huge success. The fact is, you don’t need more information… you need CLARITY (context and insight you can trust) and TRANSFORMATION (a way to internalize knowledge so that it becomes a part of who you are).

Community makes learning easier

Whenever possible, Trust Changers uses social online learning via Facebook groups and Zoom masterclasses, because there is no better incentive to show up and participate than sharing a common struggle with a creative community of empowered entrepreneurs who are counting on you for support and motivation.

Introducing Trust Changers Founder and CEO, Shaley Paige

Creative Technology Strategist and Coach

  • Master’s of Information Management Systems Degree from Harvard University
  • Graphic design and communication degrees from Oregon State University
  • Two decades of design, writing, creating courses, and marketing for the web
  • Certifications in user-experience from Nielsen Norman Group and focus-group facilitation from Burke Institute

Here's What People Are Saying about Working with Shaley

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Matt Klein

Collaboration Tools Communicator, Cornell University

"I’ve had the privilege of making use of Shaley's skills for nearly a decade and I hope to continue to do so indefinitely. Her skills at bridging the gap between technology and people who use it are unparalleled, and her solutions are novel, effective, and efficient. The vibrancy and liveliness of her work puts to rest the false belief that information technology is destined to be humdrum, dull, or obstructive. If you’re looking for someone with a vision for the future, you’ve found your solution."

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Amy Abernathy

Event Manager, Flourish Event Co.

"Shaley provided invaluable insight and fresh perspective on ways I could improve and properly execute my website. After only 1 hour together, I left with practical (and simple) next steps to make my pages more readable and cohesive. After a few adjustments on my end, I feel that my site is a better reflection of me and will now be more approachable for my current and future clients. Thank you for your encouragement, attention to detail and thoughtful critiques. I now feel much more confident about my site."

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Michelle L. Artibee, MBA

Associate Director, Work/Life at Cornell University

"I worked with Shaley for five years on remote-work and communications issues. She guest presented remotely to a large audience and authored materials. Despite the many miles between us, she is such a strong communicator that it feels as if she's in the office next to me. She thinks critically about language and tone and is constantly striving to help others develop. When I think of the people I want around me when facing a challenge or change, Shaley is on my list."

Never Miss a New Course, Live Masterclass,
FREE Mini Workshop, or Special Deal

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One-on-One Coaching

Do your website, sales pages, and other online assets create trust in your brand, or are you making a bad first impression and leaving money on the table due to poor design, writing, and user experience?

Get a fresh perspective. Meet with Shaley via zoom to share your work on screen, discuss your questions, and evaluate opportunities.

Set your priorities and actionable goals. Move projects forward by focusing on essentials (to finish your work more easily) and impact (to ensure your work always appears trustworthy and professional).

Focus on solving your problems. No need to stress about taking notes. Shortly after your meeting, you'll be emailed a list of to-dos and a video recording of the session.

Request a booking to inquire about availability, ask questions, and see if Trusted-Tech Coaching with Shaley is right for you.

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