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Trust Changers

“Humanity is at a crossroads. We can let technology get the better of us, or we can take control of our destiny by transforming how we relate to each other and work together online.”
Shaley DeGiorgio

The Trust Changers Podcast is Coming Soon!


If you’ve read the Trust Changers Story, linked above, then it won’t come as a surprise to you that I LOVE the Internet. Despite all of its challenges (social media trolls, rampant cybercrime, etc.), I truly believe that we’re lucky to live at this point in history.

I’m looking for people who have stories to tell about being online. In particular, I want to hear about experiences with online services that changed people’s lives, for better or worse—the struggles and the joys.

To volunteer as a Trust Changers podcast guest, please reach out to me, Shaley DeGiorgio,  via LinkedIn.

Topics include anything that’s happened to you or that you have done online that might be funny, inspiring, teach a lesson, make a point, provide a warning, make life easier, etc. This is a family show, so we’re keeping it clean. Otherwise, let’s learn from each other and maybe add a couple of Trust Changers to our toolbox!

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Trust Changers Training

For everyone – Do email, banking, shopping, and other online activities make you anxious? FREE Trust Changers Foundations Training can get you started building self-confidence in your online abilities. Includes topics such as how to:

  • Protect your identity
  • Build a friendlier and safer social-media community
  • Save time with online services
  • Reduce mobile-device brain drain
  • Identify legitimate resources

For parents – Are your kids prepared for college and a future career? Trust Changers Student Training can give them a competitive advantage that lasts a lifetime. Includes topics such as how to:

  • Facilitate inclusion and shared victories
  • Encourage constructive conversations
  • Fairly divide and share work responsibilities
  • Set and track project goals
  • Use online collaboration tools
  • Produce high-quality presentations and reports

For organizations – Are people struggling to integrate new technologies and kickstart online collaborations? The Trust Changers Organizational System can transform how people relate to each other and work together online. Includes topics such as how to:

  • Move employees from face-to-face collaborations to online collaborations
  • Integrate collaborative technologies to reduce minutiae and increase speed, agility, and innovation
  • Continue growing technology and organizational value over time

Trust Changers Foundations for Adults

A Live Online Class – You can do this!

Do you love computers? Would you like to do more online, but you don’t know how to get started? The Trust Changers Foundations for Adults live online class might be right for you! This course is perfect for:

  • Parents whose kids never slow down to show them how to do things
  • Retirees who have never had the opportunity to learn how to use computers
  • Anyone who wants to build confidence using online tools

Fall course information coming soon!

Trust Changers for Students

Live Online Classes – Give your kids a competitive advantage that lasts a lifetime!

Do your kids use computers at school? Would you like to help them, but you aren’t sure how to get started? Trust Changers for Students live online classes could help! Each 5-week class builds skills and behaviors for topics such as:

  • Communications Hard Skills – writing, presentations, and visual literacy for a 21st-century world
  • Communications Soft Skills – having constructive conversations, giving and receiving feedback, and online etiquette
  • Online Collaboration Skills – setting and tracking expectations and goals, negotiating, taking ownership and praising others

Fall course information coming soon!

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