Humanity Is at a Crossroads

We can let technology get the better of us, or we can take control of our destiny by transforming how we relate to each other and work together online.

Enter… Trust Changers

Trust Changers Membership Site Is Coming January 25, 2020!

Become a founding member to receive our lowest-ever price—50% off your monthly subscription—$30 $15 per month for the lifetime of your membership.









CONFIDENTLY BUILD YOUR DIGITAL SKILLS, COMFORT, AND COMMUNITY ONLINE—in as little as 4 hours per month—and start benefiting from more of what the Internet has to offer (without fears of the unknown, snarky comments from judgmental strangers, or struggling to learn alone).

  • Three 20-minute activities (1 hour of your time) per week is all it takes to get started
  • Build online skills for collaborating, communicating, and critical thinking
  • Grow in a supportive community whose mission is to increase trust online
  • Learn with other members in our private Facebook group


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Build Your Team's Confidence with a High‑Performance Virtual Team Boot Camp

Imagine stepping out of your house each day and actually looking forward to work. If everyone on your team communicated and collaborated online in a way that demonstrated equal commitment to team success, would it strengthen relationships?

How would it feel if everyone was able to focus on personal responsibilities, because objectives were aligned? If you all worked in sync, could see what everyone was working on in real time, and felt supported to contribute, how would that impact work quality?

Regrettably, many employees never experience this level of trust and shared commitment, because teams don’t prioritize setting expectations for communicating and collaborating online. But I assure that you these teams exist, and I can help you achieve the transformation.

Learn More About the Virtual Team Boot Camp

Trust Changers—build confidence and community online.®


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